4 Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Summer is the hottest time of the year and the temperatures have been skyrocketing lately. You'll want to make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle the summer heat so the weather doesn't cause any malfunctions or possible breakdown. If you get the proper maintenance done before tackling the heat head on, you will decrease you odds of something bad happening and increase the life of your vehicle. If you want to be fully covered have a skilled auto technician overlook your vehicle.

Summer Maintenance Tips Orange County


The most important safety feature on your vehicle is the brakes. This is our first maintenance tips because summer is the most dangerous season for driving, there is a lot more people driving on the roads and more teenagers driving around since school is out. Having your brakes in tip top condition will give you the upper hand when the unexpected happens. If you have noticed any grinding of metal noises coming from your brakes you should have it checked out immediately.



Tires are one of the major components on your vehicle, it's what keeps you moving on the road and without them you wouldn't be able to go anywhere. It's crucial to check your tires before every drive but most people never check them at all. If you don't have the correctly tire pressure, this can cause bulges and put stress on the sides of the tires. If unchecked for too long there is a possibility that your tire will blow. When the heat rises it causes your tire pressure to change, so make sure you get your tires checked this summer.



Making sure you have oil in your engine is a must during the summer. Oil keeps your engine lubricated and when your engine is lubricated it decreases unwanted friction and reduce heat buildup. Your car will thank you for every little step you do to help it stay cool. Don't confuse this with an "oil change", Changing your oil should be done every 4000-5000 miles but checking if you oil is low is very simple and can be done every week.



The cooling system does exactly what it sounds like it does, it controls the temperature of important components under the hood of your vehicle. The most common cause of a vehicle breakdown is causes by the summer heat. Before taking a long drive around Anaheim, you should have your cooling system checked out. A skilled auto technician will give you a detailed report on your hoses, coolant, radiator, water pump, and thermostat. If you haven't changed your coolant in the last 24,000 miles now is the time.


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