Getting The Most Of Your Vehicle Graphics

Getting the most out of your vehicle graphics

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Lauren Fletcher of writes a very informative article on the do’s and don’ts of vehicle graphics, as well as common-sense advice for producing and maintaining this crucial advertising medium.

In her own words, Fletcher elaborates on some helpful ideas, when it comes to graphic and vendor selection:

- Use an experienced vehicle graphics designer to create the original version of the image and text and have an experienced vehicle graphic professional measure the vehicle.

- Consider and communicate durability requirements.

- Review the graphics provider’s financial strength and developmental support tools.

- Request references and/or the design company’s portfolio. Because a local sign company can make signs doesn’t necessarily mean it can produce vehicle wraps, lettering, etc. for fleets.

- Understand the value-added resources available from a supplier.

- Use a certified graphic company to design and install fleet graphics.

- Prepare an image that works appropriately with the vehicle.


When selecting vendors, Fletcher advises the following:

- Do not base a decision exclusively on price. Numerous variables influence durability and may or may not influence the ultimate price.

- Do not work with a company that doesn’t understand your fleet specifications

- Don’t choose a company that doesn’t understand your business requirements or doesn’t invest the time and energy to know exactly what is expected from your brand campaign over the life of the program.

During the process of graphic selection, Fletcher elaborates on the don’ts:

- Never price-out fleet graphics without adequate research and preparation

- Specify the time the graphic is expected to last. Most fleet graphics are specified for one, three, five or seven years. Many applications for fleet design are usually for the length of the lease, loan, etc., before the unit exhausts its term of use.

- Do not have different designs on a variety of body styles.

- Never put too much info or clutter within the graphic marketing display

- Avoid complicated designs that can present difficulties in installation and matching reprints when the vehicles are damaged due to an accident, etc.

- Don’t allow anything produced without first previewing the full-size art or a proof.

- Never use dark image colors on dark vehicle colors. Most marketing design needs vibrant colors with vivid contrasts.

After the graphic artwork has been installed, Fletcher provides tips on how to prolong the vibrance and durability of the graphic installation:

- Never power-wash the vehicle (especially with hot water)

- Remove emblems on vehicles to prolong the life of graphics

- Never take the display text to the outside boundaries of the fleet unit’s working area. The text should always be contained within a 15-percent margin from the sides of the working area, such as the cube box, truck doors, etc.

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