Safe Driving Tips For Commercial Drivers


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Commercial drivers are on the road most of the time, therefore safety should always be top of mind. Most of the tips given here by DMV.org are common-sense, but are often taken for granted.

Here are some safety tips for commercial drivers from DMV.org:

- Do not tailgate, be patient and always maintain proper space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

- Give ample warning to motorists behind you of your intended direction by signaling early, when approaching an intersection.

- Avoid changing lanes too often and check your side mirrors at least once every ten seconds.

- When driving below the speed limit for an extended period of time, use your vehicle’s flashers.

- If coming to a complete stop, give your vehicle ample time and space to slow down and use your brake lights early.

- Keep your windows closed when idling your vehicle so as to avoid prolonged exposure to fumes.

- Avoid idling while sleeping, loading or unloading

- When faced with mechanical problems which necessitate pulling off to the side of the road, highway or interstate, remember to always use flashers, reflective triangles and even road flares to alert approaching motorists.

- Have your tire chains ready and available especially before driving through mountainous areas.

- During winter, try to maintain a full tank of gas to prevent water condensation build-up in the fuel lines.

- When driving in rain or snow, maintain additional space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

- It is always safer to drive below the posted speed limit in winter/snowy conditions.

- When approaching bridges, proceed with extreme caution as bridges freeze faster than roads and are prone to black ice,  which is difficult to detect.

- Speeding in work zones could cost you your Commercial Drivers License. Always slow down when approaching work zones.

- When driving cross-country, take as many driving breaks as you need to remain alert on the road.

- If faced with eye-fatigue, pull off the road and take a nap.

- Strictly follow rules on commercial driver hour restrictions and do not drive beyond the 11-hour continuous driving rule.

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