Predictive Analytics Better for Safety

Predictive analytics better for fleet safety

Accident Prevention, Data Analytics, Fleet Industry, Fleet Managers, Fleet Management, Fleet Safety, Predictive Analytics writes about “how analytics will affect fleet safety” and presents perspectives from various industry leaders.

According to Colin Sutherland, Geotab Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing, “without a doubt, data and the use of it through analytics will drive decisions on the type of vehicle for total cost of ownership depending on how a vehicle is used. Analytics help shape government regulations on consecutive hours of driving, and new ways of raising road tolls for local government.”

Senior Director for Strategic Services at The CEI Group Inc. Brian Kinnery says that there is “growing interest in predictive analytics in the fleet industry.”

“Our model expands the time frame and scope of standard fleet policy prescriptions for assessing risk, and we’ve found that it changes the assessment of many drivers from being among the lower-risk population to a higher risk level. This may well represent the next great leap forward in preventing fleet accidents, because it identifies previously unseen risks and puts fleet in a position to change driver behavior through proactive remedial attention,” Kinnery further states.

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Experts note the huge impact that future analytics will have on the fleet industry, when the following changes are put in place:

- Increased focus on preventive and proactive accident management programs

- Ability to respond to problems in real time

- More abundant data from more data points, providing a clearer picture of driver behavior

“Analytics have gone from reactive to somewhat predictive, but there is still more opportunity for knitting data together to produce a more accurate depiction of drive risk. We will also see more standardization across motor companies, making the data easier to consume, analyze and report. We’re already seeing the effect of predictive analytics helping reduce corporate risks and bottom-line costs,” says Peters.

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